Is your Wi-Fi secure?

Is your network secure & updated? Do you feel it has been compromised? If so, IT-Repairs can help.

WiFi configuration can be difficult to set up and maintain. Thankfully we have experts in this area which can help you setup, configure and protect your network. We pride ourselves on being able to make your WiFi safe and secure. Allowing you use all the bandwidth you have been given by your internet provider. Do you suffer with slow broadband? If so, contact us today - our engineers have solutions readily available to remedy your internet speed issues!

Our team are experts at troubleshooting and offering advice as to what the issues may be with your wireless router or equipment, and can attend your premises or home address in Herefordshire.

WiFi has come on leaps and bounds in the last few years. With so many of our devices relying on it to connect with the outside world, it really is pivotal to a home or business in the 21st century.

If you're looking to upgrade your network to cope with demand, or you're fed up of having wifi 'blackspots' them look no further than IT-Repairs. We routinely help people throughout the county and beyond cure these issues.

IT-Repairs offer onsite withiin Herefordordshire, or back to base WiFi setup and config, please call us today for a solution.